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For the latest post Corona Virus information- see below.

As far as possible, we will try to keep you up to date on our website.

Click here- for our latest December'23 Bus User newsletter-

This intermediate version contains important information from our Chairman, as well as a Christmas update.

Although it should be noted that currently neither David nor Peter, are planning to stand down.

Our latest Buswatch Newsletter includes:-
  • Christmas Day services.
  • Staff shortages still affecting bus services.
  • The £2 maximum single fare extended.
  • Council bid for electric buses.
  • An important announcement from our chairman.
  • Our next public meeting.

Post Coronavirus update: It is passengers' choice whether to wear a mask, or not. However, safety enhancements such as keeping windows open, and enhanced cleaning; have been maintained.
Most Bus Companies (except Stagecoach) will run a Sunday service on New Years Day.
For an excellent place to find up to the minute Transport information, for an extended Newhaven area, use Nash's facebook page.

Good news: The promotional £2 maximum single fare, has been extended until at least the middle of 2024.

All our information is thought to be correct to 24th December 2023.

Brighton & Hove Bus Co. : From 2nd January 2024, roadworks will cause the main Chuchill Square Coastal east services (such as the 12) to be moved to Queens Road, Boots bus stop. From 7th January the service 28 and service 29 (etc) will see their timetables updated, to improve relibility. However, the nationwide driver shortage, means there can be noticable gaps in many services.
On the positive side: As well as the £2 maximum single fare, there is a maximum £5 unlimited travel fare, within the city (including cash fares), and special offers for people under 19. Although if you want to make use of a similar £5 ticket in East Sussex you have to use the B&H app.
If you use Tap-on, Tap-off; then the cost of the second and subsquent days 'Saver' is reduced, within that week. This makes it cheaper than 'The Key' daily fare, and sometimes cheaper than the 24 hour fare on the app!
The bus company website has details of Christmas services. This includes continuing with a welcome very limited Christmas day service on services 1/1A, 5B, 7, 49 & this year the 12. Although Christmas Eve services start to run down from about 9pm+. Boxing Day service return with a reasonably comprehensive service - including leisure services 13, 77, 78 & 79 to the Downs etc. As New years Eve falls on a Sunday this year. Extra night bus services will run on some routes, but the after midnight services to Lewes (and some other 'daytime' routes), are unlikely to run.
Brighton & Hove has its all encompassing app. While Apple Express (on iphones) is available; but please keep your phone separate from debit cards, or the system may not know which one to charge!
Click here for Brighton & Hove's main website.

Stagecoach: Covering the area between Littlehampton, Worthing, and Brighton.
From March 2023, Stagecoach increased the frequency on the 700 up to every 12 minutes (a welcome restoration of frequency). And increased the Pulse service to run every 15 minutes daytime.
Please note: Correction: It is good to see Stagecoach ran a service on the 700 and Pulse on Boxing Day (a first). Again good news, according to the Stagecoach website, the N700 will run on New years Eve, but no other bus service will run on New years Day.
Click here-for the Stagecoach website.

The Big Lemon: For the latest information, visit the Big Lemon website, or phone 01273 681681.

Metrobus, south and mid Sussex:
For the latest information click here- for the Metrobus website

Compass Travel: Earlier this year, Compass Travel saw a number of its services in East Sussex enhanced, using BSIP money. Click here for the Compass Travel's website.

CTLA & Cuckmere bus services: Click here for their website Or phone 01273 517332.
We do not generally list changes to Cuckmere bus services.