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For the latest Corona Virus information- see below.

As far as possible, we will try to keep you up to date on our website.

Click here- for our latest March/April '23 Bus User newsletter-

Our latest Buswatch Newsletter includes:-
  • Details of bus service improvement on many routes in 2023.
  • Brighton & Hove Buses buys 44 new double-decker buses.
  • East Sussex fares promotions extended to all operators.
  • Western Road could reopen by December.
  • A23 scheme update.
  • Our next public meeting is on Wednesday 19th at 4.30pm in Brighton Town Hall. Be quick to book a place, if you would like to join us.

Coronavirus update: It is passengers' choice whether to wear a mask, or not. However, safety enhancements such as keeping windows open, and enhanced cleaning; have been maintained.
Bus services have stabilised, so timetables only rarely change.

£2 Maximum single fare introduced.
The government has sponsored a maximum single Adult fare of £2; to run until the end of June. Most bus companies have signed up for this. This means you could travel from central Brighton to Tunbridge Wells for just £2 (plus £2 back). This will make many day tickets, and sometimes weekly tickets obsolete, as buying single tickets will be cheaper; unless you are making three or more journeys, in a day. The only services currently known to be excluded from this offer is the night bus N700, and some Compass Travel school services. The Big Lemon has confirmed it is taking part.
On Brighton & Hove buses, just use your tap-on, tap debit card/phone to buy your ticket. The £2 single tickets will be added automatically. Then if you make extra journeys, the maximum dayticket price will apply. Other operators may be different, with no maximum fare.

Lower Child fares
In East Sussex and Brighton & Hove (but possibly not West Sussex). As well as a lower maximum fare, there are extra offers for young people. These offers include upto three children travel free with an adult, a lower flat fare at certain times; and people up to 19, being able to travel at child fares; and with a greater choice to prove your age. See individual bus company's websites for details.

All our information is thought to be correct to 19th April 2023.

Brighton & Hove Bus Co. : From the 23rd April 23, a number of changes will take place (including summer enhancements).
The service 7 will be increased to every 7 minutes daytime (evenings now every 10 minutes). The 11X Sunday service will be improved to every 30 minutes, and there will be summer enhancements to the service 77 to Devil's Dyke. More significant, there are major enhancements to the service 78, now running every day (thanks to BSIP money). The City Sightseeing service is now running.
From 23rd April, there will also be minor changes to 1,1A, 5,5A,5B, N12/N14, 22, 23,25, 26,46, 48,49, 50,73 & 79 (mostly to further improve reliability).
From 11th June it is expected the service 37 will be enhanced to run every 15 minutes Marina to central Brighton (all services via Swanborough Drive), with a half hourly extension to Goldstone Valley (using BSIP money).
Brighton & Hove has its all encompassing app. While Apple Express (on iphones) is available; but please keep your phone separate from debit cards, or the system may not know which one to charge!
Click here for Brighton & Hove's main website.

Stagecoach: Covering the area between Littlehampton, Worthing, and Brighton.
Great news: From the 5th March, Stagecoach increased the frequency on the 700 up to every 12 minutes (a welcome restoration of frequency). They are also returning the Pulse service to run every 15 minutes, and providing an improved half hourly service in the evening.
Click here-for the Stagecoach website.

The Big Lemon: The Big Lemon is branching out, and is running some services in Bristol and Bath! From the 30th April, the 47 & 52 will now also run on a Sunday (abolishing the 57). The 52 and 16 will gain evening services. For the latest information, visit the Big Lemon website, or phone 01273 681681.

Metrobus, south and mid Sussex:
For the latest information click here- for the Metrobus website

Compass Travel: Click here for the Compass Travel's website.
As suggested in our January Newsletter, Sunday services on the 37/37B will be 'improved' from the 29th January. Many fares were reduced as part of government initiatives, to encourage bus usage to recover.

CTLA & Cuckmere bus services: are no longer listed here. To contact them, phone 01273 517332.