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Welcome to the Brighton Area Buswatch website:

For the latest Corona Virus information- see below.

As far as possible, we will try to keep you up to date on our website.

Click here- for Andrew's June 2021 newsletter-

This report includes:-
  • Brighton & Hove City Council considers bus service franchising.
  • Brighton & Hove City Council publishes its draft Local Transport Plan 5. Park & Ride is clearly not a priority.
  • News from The Big Lemon.
  • Opportunities for days out by bus, this summer.
It should be noted: This is not the right occasion to include additional concerns about franchising.

Coronavirus update:
Staff and bus companies should be praised for maintaining a service, under difficult conditions. Government restrictions further eased from the 17th May. At one time travel was restricted to 'essential' travel only. Now everyone is welcome to travel, for any purpose. While a few restrictions on seating are retained (e.g. no standing), you may find someone sitting next to you, when the bus becomes busy. However, this does mean your bus is far less likely to say 'Sorry we i'm full'. Normal restrictions on Concessionary passes have resumed.
Please note: It is mandatory for almost all passengers to wear mouth/nose coverings on any public transport. Drivers could choose to restrict access; but if enforced by the police, passengers could face a £200 fine.

All our information is thought to be correct as of 1st July 2021.

Most/all operators would prefer you pay by contactless card/pre-paid travel. If paying by cash, many major operators (including Brighton & Hove, Metrobus and Stagecoach) will not give change, to minimise drivers touching money.
Further details of services- may be available on our Facebook page, but the best information is available on the relevant bus company's website.

Brighton & Hove Bus Co. : Brighton & Hove Bus Company services have returned to near 'normal' (perhaps 96%+) service. While many social distancing restrictions have been rescinded; School services could be even more relaxed, but will only be open to school pupils.
From the middle of June, the bus company enhanced morning and/or evening services, on services 6, 14, 18, 22 & 48. Although the summer timetable has seen the usual reduction in the University service 25; it also allows the service 77 to Devil's Dyke to run daily (until mid September), users also can reach Beachy Head (and Eastbourne) using the 13X, and Tourist services are available.
Click here for Brighton & Hove's main website.
After criticism of the previous app, the bus company has introduced a new all-encompassing app. Also available is their 'how full is my bus' app click here, to find it; plus a 'when2Travel' app, is available.
If you pay by Apple phone, Apple Express is also now available. But keep your phone separate from debit cards, or the system may not know which to charge!

Stagecoach: Covering the area between Littlehampton, Worthing, and Brighton.
From the 20th June 2021- Services 5 & 10 saw their daytime frequency restored to every 20 minutes. Evening services on the 700 have also been improved, with the last bus back from Brighton at 11.50pm (2350)
Click here for the new 700 timetable, from 20th June 21.
However the N700 will remain suspended, until further notice.
Click here-for the Stagecoach website.

The Big Lemon: The bus company is currently receiving four new 'Higer' electric buses, which will soon be in service. The Coach fleet has been merged with that of Seaford and district, to become Brighton Horizon Coaches; as a separate, but linked company. For the latest information, visit the the Big Lemon website, or phone 01273 681681.

Metrobus, south and mid Sussex: For the latest information click here- for the Metrobus website

On Compass Travel, now has a 'track your bus' app. From 7th June, there were minor changes to times on services 89, 119 & 123 (etc.), to improve reliability.
Click here for the Compass Travel's website.

CTLA & Cuckmere bus services: are no longer listed here. To contact them, phone 01273 517332.

For more details on how to be involved click here.


May we welcome new members and supporters reading our news for the first time.

We are independent from bus companies and local authorities. Our policy is to influence decisions by building relationships and working with others. We have meetings four times a year with bus companies and Council representatives where members concerns are discussed. They also have an opportunity to explain future proposals.

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Our group still has concerns over Brighton Council's Valley Gardens proposals.


What we do:

Brighton Area Buswatch deals mostly with strategic issues affecting lots of people. We campaign for improvements to bus services and fares on behalf of bus users. Our policy is to build relationships with local Councils, local interest groups and bus companies to find out about their plans so we can make suggestions and try to influence them. Criticising authorities after they've implemented changes is usually too late to make a difference, so we try to avoid this situation occurring. However we will sometimes suggest lessons to be learnt, especially if we think it could help to avoid mistakes being repeated.

We are lucky to have excellent bus services in much of our area which are well-used and very few require public subsidies. Recently around 50 million passenger journeys were made by bus in Brighton & Hove which compares with under 20 million journeys in Southampton or Portsmouth which are similar in size. This is a tremendous achievement but we recognise that people's expectations are always rising and there are always improvements that can be made.

If you have a particular problem regarding a bus service or an incident on a recent journey we advise you in the first instance, to contact the bus company concerned. In our experience most local bus companies are keen to receive feedback and will do their best to help if they can. Our partners at Bus Users UK can deal with appeals if a customer is not satisfied with the response from a bus company or local authority.


What we have achived in the recent past includes:-

  • We suggested a one-hour single ticket, which has been introduced, so enabling passengers to change buses without needing to pay again.
  • We successfully campaigned for Saver tickets, Key Card and m-tickets to be valid on all Council supported bus services in Brighton & Hove.
  • We rejoined the Council's Quality Bus partnership, enabling us to influence planning decisions affecting all local bus companies.
  • We suggested improvements to late night services to Goldstine Valley and to lewes; and have been pressing for improvements to route 37 to Meadowview and the Bristol Estate; plus later Sunday evening jouneys to Worthing.
  • We have expressed concerns about the revised Valley Gardens scheme. This would reduced the number of lanes for general traffic, so risks causing buses severe delays and unreliability problems, particularly when traffic is busier (especially at weekends and on nice summer days).

More News:
Below, you can see our poster which has appeared on buses. If you are interested in joining, also click here for our 'takaway leaflet'



Our Public Transport Information page- includes links to real-time bus information for Metrobus and Worthing area services (as well as real-time information in the Brighton area- both the city council and the Brighton and Hove Bus Company).


top left: Brighton & Hove bus etc.
top right: Stagecoach bus


above: Compass Bus service


above: Big Lemon CIC bus


above: Brighton & Hove Bus