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Febuary 2021 newsletter page

Click here- for Buswatch's February 2021 newsletter-

Please note:
  • It should be noted if the pavements were to be widened on the north side of Churchill Square, to give more circulating space for intending passengers; the reduced road width could create congestion issues for bus services.
  • The newsletter does not include issues raised by one member of the group. These are concerns that when traffic gets back to normal, the proposals could cause congestion problems at the Kingsway/Hove Street (Sackville Road) junction, the A23 London Road/Carden Avenue junction, and if narrowed to a single traffic lane in each direction- the Preston Road/Preston Drove/South Road junction.
  • A correction should to be made to coverage of the 47 route. The service does not turn right out Stapley Road (as stated in the newsletter). However the council scheme would still have a considerable adverse effect the area. The proposed right turn ban, from the Old Shoreham Road, into Stapley Road, would prevent buses from returning to serve the Knoll estate (an area of social housing), especially problematic when people are carrying shopping etc. Given the time constraints, it is difficult to see how the 47 could be re-routed, to serve the estate; depriving the area of a direct bus service back from central Brighton etc. There is positive news in March's newsletter.