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December 2014
Extra News

Substantial concerns over North Street proposal

The bus user group is seriously concerned about the developer lead proposals for North Street.
Our concerns include:-

  • Approximately halving the space available for buses to stop at the eastbound bus stops. Directly causing some additional delays to buses.
  • Narrowing North Street, opposite the westbound bus stops. This risks creating a long single-lane contraflow. To illustrate the lengthy delays expected, a lorry stuck out by just half- a metre into the main carriageway, and caused delays right back to the Clock tower. This is a fraction of the road narrowing envisaged.
  • The westbound bus stops have been relocated a narrow section of road, near to Ship Street. The bus stop has also been shrunk from perhaps five bus lengths to three bus lengths. Not only is this likely to directly cause some delays to buses, but more seriously the bus stops are located on a deceptively sharp left hand bend. This bend is likely to cause serious visibility problems for vehicles attempting to overtake stationary buses- again risking causing serious delays to buses.
  • With substantial traffic queues expected from both bus stops, this is likely to compound the problems. When the queues reach opposite the bus stops, running the opposite direction; it is likely to block the only remaining carriageway. With this blocked, overtaking stationary buses will be impossible, and buses are likely to grind to a halt (with service suffering from indeterminately long delays).
  • Other problems have been identified, including needing to overtake through Pelican crossings, and the poor design of the westbound bus stops.
  • Two other major issues have been identified. 'excessive' road narrowing means that buses could run within 10cm (4 inches) of pedestrians on the pavement, risking a significant increase in accidents. And the design risks bringing forth an increase in pollution. Both issues could further undermine bus use of this vital corridor.

We are seeking clarification from the developers (and the council). If the design is as it appears, and our serious concerns about the proposals are realised; then it will seriously undermine the reliability of bus services, and it could even threaten the city's currently successful bus network!



December 2014 Extra News continued


Stop Press: Council goes ahead with significant cut backs to services.

East Sussex County Council has voted to go ahead with plans to cut supported bus services. This is particularly disappointing as there were some signs that the council was thinking again about the cuts (and substantial increases in fares).

While the council suggests only 9% of jouneys will be affected, if your jouney no longer exists, it will have a really damaging affect on your mobility.

Perhaps more next month.


This page was prepared by Peter Elvidge (Secretary), because he believes concerns about North Street are so important to the future of bus services, it could not wait another month to be aired publicly.